Jaakko Tyyvi strengthens Skarta’s competence in wind power construction


Skarta is one of the leading wind farm builders in Finland and it has participated in the construction of approximately 600 megawatts of wind power in different project scopes. Lately the company has increasingly concentrated on comprehensive Balance of Plant projects (BoP) in which its responsibilities in the wind farm construction include everything else than wind turbines. In BoP projects Skarta gets to make diverse use of its special competences.

Skarta has developed its expertise in wind power construction in a determined manner. The latest recruitment to its team is Jaakko Tyyvi, who operates as the business line director of Skarta’s wind power construction in the northern area. Tyyvi joins Skarta from Puhuri Oy, where he has already collaborated with Skarta in three different wind power projects. When following Skarta and its investments in the BoP competences, he began to see the company more and more attractive not only as a construction partner, but also as an employer.

“Skarta’s mission to build a clean future is interesting and it is easy to commit to its execution. The development of Skarta’s activities has given me the impression that it now has all the expertise that is needed to implement successful wind power projects. Most recently, Skarta has increased its resources regarding electricity, due to which the operations of the company are proceeding to a more and more convincing direction”, Tyyvi says.

Tyyvi has worked with wind power for eight years and he has a versatile competence in different phases of wind farm construction. In the construction of wind farm infrastructure, he has been the responsible person of the developer in seven different projects that have covered roughly 50 wind power plants. Tyyvi has participated in the projects from the permit stage to the planning and further from the tender process to the supervision of construction. In addition to project development, he has worked for a wind turbine supplier in two different wind farm projects and therefore has acquainted himself also with those parts of the wind farm construction that do not belong to the BoP project scope.

Jaakko is a good addition to Skarta’s developing and growing BoP team. With his help, we can serve our clients in more and more comprehensive way. Jaakko’s experience in the development of wind power projects is definitely desirable for our clients as well”, comments Kari Tuominen, CEO of Skarta Energy Oy.

Beside BoP projects that are familiar from the previous collaborations, Tyyvi has also familiarized himself with Skarta’s strategy in its entirety and has taken note of its other business operations that proceed positively. He has especially paid attention to Skarta’s strong position in Northern Sweden that, with the billion-scale development projects of the steel industry, has been branded as an actual climate paradise that provides excellent growth opportunities for companies like Skarta.

Skarta has remarkable potential to expand its activities with the renewable energy projects across the borders. I believe that the determined development of the organization keeps continuing, and I look forward to future challenges in the service of the company”, Tyyvi concludes.

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