Tuulikaarron Voima and Skarta to build the Kaukanen wind park in Kannus

Site: Kaukanen wind park, Kannus
Customer: Tuulikaarron Voima Oy
Project began: October 2021
Estimated end of project: by the end of 2022
Project stage: earthworks, foundations and underground cabling
Project manager: Anssi Koski / Skarta Finland Oy
Customer’s person responsible: Raimo Vikstedt / Tuulikaarron Voima Oy

The wind power company Tuulikaarron Voima and Skarta, a builder of a clean future, will build in Kaukasenneva, Kannus a complex of eight wind plants. The total height of the plants is 230 metres and the park’s total power is 48 megawatts. 

The municipality of Kannus in Central Ostrobothnia is oriented towards clean energy; a third wind park is being built in the municipality. The wind park will provide the municipality with employment opportunities and rental and tax revenues. The Kaukanen wind park built by Tuulikaarron Voima, a project operator of the wind power company Puhuri, and Skarta, the main contractor, will begin the production of green energy in late 2022. The construction began last autumn.

‘We will erect eight wind plants in Kaukasenneva. Their pole height is 149 metres, rotor diameter 162 metres and the rated output of each plant is 6 megawatts. The annual output of an individual plant is equal to the annual electricity consumption of a thousand houses. The ideal setting for construction is an area that is not completely untouched. In this case, the forest terrain already had a previously built road network, and we could utilise some of the old forest roads,’ says Anssi Koski, Director of Skarta Finland’s Clean Energy Unit.

Skarta’s project covers all the wind park earthworks, the foundation work for the wind plants and the underground cabling inside the park, excluding the substation and the transmission line of 110 kilovolts, which Tuulikaarron Voima will have built in separate projects.

The project has encountered a few challenges: the ground-water abstraction area is located nearby, which had to be considered during construction, and the project area also includes marshland, which means that some of the routes had to be built over the marshlands. These were issues were known in advance and solving them is part of Skarta’s skillset, therefore, there were no problems caused by them.

The project’s construction stage will be completed for the customer for the purpose of power plant installation in July, as agreed. In autumn, Skarta will perform post-erection installation work such as the installation of cables and finishing the earthworks. By the end of the year, the Kaukanen wind park will be producing clean energy.

For further information, please contact:

Anssi Koski
Director, BoP construction
Skarta Finland Oy
tel. +358 50 386 2518