Skarta starts building a wind farm for Puhuri – a third common project for markets in clean energy


Skarta, a builder of a clean future, starts a new cooperation project with a wind farm developer Puhuri Oy in Kannus, Central Ostrobothnia.

Skarta starts the construction work of the Kaukanen wind farm in September. Electrical work, roads and foundations will be completed in July 2022, and the wind farm will begin to produce electricity at the end of 2022. A total of eight power plants will be built, and the nominal power of the wind farm will be approximately 45 megawatts. The annual production corresponds to the electricity consumption of roughly 8 000 electrically heated detached houses. The total value of the project is around seven million euros.

“Environmentally friendly energy currently has a huge growth rate. Yet five years ago the situation was totally different. The shift is mainly a result of the giant leap forward in wind power technology, which has made it also financially rational to build wind farms. There is no longer need for feed-in tariffs, as the building of wind farms in a market-based way is profitable. We are currently planning roughly ten new projects and some of them are already ready to be build in terms of permissions”, says Jaakko Tyyvi, Construction Manager at Puhuri.

Skarta delivers the wind power project for Puhuri as a Balance of Plant (BoP) project. In practice, this means that Skarta is responsible for everything else than wind turbines in construction of the wind farm. Skarta makes extensive use of the expertise of the whole group in specialized construction, infrastructure construction, and energy projects, and group companies Skarta Energy, Skarta Infra and Skarta Finland are participating in the project.

“The building of clean energy is at a significant growth, and it is great to take the industry forward together. Puhuri is one of the leading wind power producers in Finland, so as a pioneer of our own industry it is a pleasure to get to start this third common clean energy project with them “, says Anssi Koski, Director of BoP business line at Skarta.

Skarta was chosen to be a main constructor through a tendering process. Tyyvi says that more than ten companies participated in the process. An invitation was sent to those who were known to be capable of carrying out this wide-ranging work with all stages from excavation work to cable installations and demanding concrete castings. Skarta already has two ongoing wind farm projects with Puhuri – in Parhalahti, Pyhäjoki, and in Hankilanneva, Haapavesi.

Skarta has a long and extensive experience in excavation and foundation works of more than a hundred wind power plants. “We have the competence, the ambition and the technology, such as control systems, at a high level. With this crew it is good to further develop the solutions in clean energy”, concludes Anssi Koski.

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