Skarta to partner with Atria on a major wind power project


As a partner of Atria, Skarta Group is a partner in a project aiming to build a 45 MW wind farm near the Atria Nurmo factory. The construction of a wind farm with seven wind turbines is linked to Atria’s goal of achieving carbon-neutral food production by 2035.

Skarta is the technology partner and co-owner of the project. A project company called Taivaanraapija Oy has been established for the construction of the wind farm. 60% of the project company is owned by the Itikka cooperative, 30% by Skarta and 10% by Atria.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to implement this important and new type of renewable energy project that contributes to Atria’s goal of carbon-neutral food production. At the same time, the investment supports our company’s strategy of growing together with our customers,” says Jukka Juola, Managing Director of Skarta Group.

Skarta Energy, a subsidiary of the Skarta Group specialising in wind power projects, is the operator of the project.

“We bring to the project the expertise of an experienced Finnish wind farm builder and the latest clean technologies. Atria’s project is a good example of the transformation of energy systems, which is something Skarta Energy is strongly involved,” says Kari Tuominen, Managing Director of the company.

Cost estimate approximately EUR 45 million

The preliminary cost estimate for the Atria wind farm is approximately EUR 45 million and the electricity from the power plant would, as a rule, be used by Atria. With steady production, the annual capacity of the plant would be sufficient to fully cover the electricity consumption of the Atria plant in Nurmo.

“Atria’s vision is to produce carbon-neutral food and we are moving towards the goal through concrete actions. Five years ago, we implemented the largest solar farm in Finland, and now we are taking a big step towards the use of completely renewable energy. We are now building a concept that has not been done in Finland before,” says Atria’s Director of Industrial Supply Tapani Potka in a press release published on Tuesday morning.

The use of renewable energy is of great importance to Atria in order to achieve the objective of carbon neutrality. The construction of a new poultry factory and the consequent increased need for electric energy have also been one of the triggers for the wind power project.

“The establishment of Taivaanraapija Oy is significant for Atria and its producers. Our goal is to strengthen the financial success of our members and Atria and to promote the responsibility of the value chain. This is a groundbreaking project on a national scale, as the ownership of the wind farm is sought by 1,220 ordinary Finnish farms,” says Risto Lahti, CEO of Itikka Cooperative, in the press release.

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