Skarta was accepted into Fingrid’s supplier register


Skarta’s power network construction business unit, established in the spring, has grown rapidly through new professionals and won electricity transmission network projects. Skarta plays an important role in the entire renewable energy value chain.  From now on, Skarta has also the opportunity to participate in Fingrid’s electrical substation projects, as the company has been granted Qualification B for Fingrid’s supplier register.

“Being accepted into the supplier register is great news for our thriving power network business and proof of our ability to build challenging electricity infrastructure projects. In the past six months, several experienced professionals in the field have joined the team in different locations. With the company’s diverse and strong expertise, the application process for Fingrid’s supplier register went seamlessly,” says Antti Keskinen, Director of Power Network Construction at Skarta.

Skarta plays an important role in the entire renewable energy value chain. With the construction of electrical substations and transmission lines that are part of the power network business, wind farms, for example, can be connected to the national electricity transmission network. The know-how of the new business unit is currently being utilised, for example, in the Karahka and Lumivaara wind farm projects, which cover the construction of more than 30 wind parks in total. These projects are comprehensive Balance of Plant (BoP) projects for Skarta, in which case the company is also responsible for land improvement and foundation works, among others.

“We want to play an active role in solving the ongoing energy transition. With the acceptance into the supplier register, we can now also implement Fingrid’s 110 kV electrical substation projects and be involved in implementing necessary and significant electrical substation investments in the main grid,” says Petteri Luhtala, Electrical Substation Construction Manager of the Power Network Business at Skarta.

According to Fingrid, wind power production in Finland is currently about 4,000 megawatts. By the end of the year, the production is estimated to be about 5,000 megawatts, and after three years, it is predicted to be almost 10,000 megawatts. According to Fingrid’s development plan, EUR 3 billion will be invested in the main grid over the next ten years. The investments consist of the development of cross-border transmission connections and the main power transmission network within Finland, the connection of new production to the network, and the renewal and basic improvements of the existing network.


More information:
Antti Keskinen, Director of Power Network Construction, Skarta Finland Ltd, +358 44 425 2194, antti.keskinen(at)

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