Skarta – builder of a clean future

Skarta has decades of experience in demanding construction projects.
We are building a clean future – a living environment that includes clean water and energy, and sustainable infrastructure.


We have decades of experience in demanding construction and special construction projects for industrial companies and other significant operators in the society.

Project development

We operate on a holistic basis, with competence ranging across the entire value chain from identifying areas to engineering and from procurement to implementation and energy sales.

Engineering and expert services

We provide energy infrastructure engineering and expert services for electricity transmission network projects and all renewable energy projects, spanning the entire lifecycle and ranging from preliminary planning and surveys to technical specifications and implementation.

Our work

Skarta builds the Lumivaara Wind Farm as a Full-BoP delivery

Skarta is building the Lumivaara Wind Farm in the municipality of Hyrynsalmi in Kainuu. Eight…

Tuulikaarron Voima and Skarta to build the Kaukanen wind park in Kannus

The wind power company Tuulikaarron Voima and Skarta, a builder of a clean future, will…

Jokikylä bridge in Oulu

During the project, a completely new bridge over the River Kiiminkijoki will be built to…