Solid additions were recruited to Skarta’s special foundation construction


Skarta is developing and expanding in all areas. In March, three new experts with core competences in special foundation construction started working for Skarta. The new special foundation construction team complements the value chain of the company and further extends its repertoire.

Skarta, a builder and developer of a clean future, masters the entire value chain of demanding projects in specialized construction, and has the skills for project execution all the way from development and designing to land improvement, cabling, municipal engineering, electrical networks, as well as ground buildings and structures. In March, new expertise was obtained to the early stage of the projects, special foundation construction, as three long-term professionals started working for Skarta.

“The three of us form the new team in special foundation construction. We are of a mobile sort: the idea is that we help the entire company – whether it’s about wind power, bridge construction, power lines – or any project our competence is useful. If there is a demanding job regarding piling, anchoring, excavation support, or rock construction – we are there”, says Skarta’s new construction manager Jussi Kinnunen, Master of Science in construction engineering.

Kinnunen has a responsibility of developing special foundation construction operations. He is also acquiring and leading projects, as well as considering new investments and other project management operations, as he is describing his work himself.

Site manager Jukka Luojus, who has a polytechnic level degree in construction, is the second one who started in Skarta’s special foundation construction team. He has 40 years of experience of demanding projects in foundation construction, such as structures in port and maritime traffic.

“I know the whole construction field very well, and many faces in the industry have become familiar over the years. I have good feelings about Skarta right after the first month I have worked here. The courage and drive have been striking. I feel good about the fact that we have people of many ages, who each have their own strengths and views. We are of different ages, but like-minded”, Luojus says.

The third member of the team, construction engineer and a new calculation manager Mika Räisänen, feels the same way about Skarta.

“Open-minded attitude has been noteworthy here. I also like the fact that people at Skarta have an entrepreneurial take on their work. It is great to get to complement Skarta’s wide value chain with my own core competences. I am assisting in offer calculation and customer acquisition. In projects I help with cooperation with subcontractors as well as planning and supervising work.”

The whole trio of special foundation construction is proud of being a part of developing and building a clean infrastructure, energy, and future in a pioneer company:

“New things are constantly developed at Skarta, applying the experience that stems from long-term experience. People here are not stuck in a rut, but always setting the target first instead. Everything is done to get the best possible outcome, not because of a process itself. Everything that is done at Skarta, has a meaning.”

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